5 Things You Should Know About Porcelain Veneers

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For such little, simple things, porcelain veneers really are capable of doing a lot for your teeth. Read on for some information about porcelain veneers and how they can help you to not only have a more beautiful smile but also a healthier one.

1.     A porcelain veneer is a very thin “shell,” less than a millimeter thick, that fits snuggly on your damaged tooth. Although they are very thin they are also very durable, and can last for 10 years or more.

2.     Porcelain veneers can help with many problems, including some you may not expect, such as damaged teeth, stained teeth that don’t respond to whitening treatments, gaps between teeth, crooked teeth, and teeth that are shaped differently. They are a simple way to do wonders with your smile without the expense and hassle of some other cosmetic dentistry techniques. Veneers are a much cheaper and easier solution than other kinds of dental procedures such as crowns, braces, and implants.

3.     Veneers look very natural – not only because porcelain looks very much like tooth enamel, but also because your veneer can be made to match the shade of your other teeth. Each veneer is custom made just for you.

4.     The procedure to get porcelain veneers is quick – it only takes two visits.  

5.     Veneers are painless and the procedure has virtually no risk involved. The dentist will remove a bit of enamel on the tooth and then apply the veneer with a special cement. And, unlike many dental procedures, there is no downtime required – you will be back to your normal activities as soon as you leave the office, and with a brand new smile, too!

You may be surprised how dramatically your smile will change after you get porcelain veneers. These little bits of porcelain can really do a lot – from making your teeth healthier to making you want to smile more, just so you can show off your beautiful teeth! Contact the South Riding Smiles office  for a consultation appointment for veneers at (703) 327-7705!

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier smile


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