Remember to Brush Your Teeth!

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If you have kids, you probably spend a lot of time reminding them to brush and floss, and then making sure they do it right, all while stressing to them how important it is to develop good habits to take care of their teeth. But what about you? It is just as important for adults to have good brushing habits. Read on, just in case you need a few tips for remembering to brush!

Get your kids to help

If you need help remembering to take care of your teeth, why not enlist your kids? You can remind them, and they can remind you. Kids will love to have the chance to tell mom and dad what to do, and because of this they may just be the ones who remember first when it is time to brush teeth.

Set up reminders for yourself

You may think you can remember to brush without any help, but is this really working out for you? A reminder can be as simple as a sticky note on the fridge, or you can set up an alarm on your phone. You could even put your toothbrush somewhere where you will be sure to see it, such as your pillow, to remind you to brush before bed.

Give yourself a reward

You may feel a bit silly even considering rewarding yourself for brushing your teeth, but if you really are neglecting it all the time, a reward can help. Promise yourself a treat if you remember to brush twice every day for a whole week. If you have kids, a family reward is a great way for both of you to remember to take care of your teeth.

It seems like such a simple, silly thing, brushing your teeth – but if you are always having trouble remembering to brush, it can end up causing you a lot of pain, trouble, and expense. Excellent dental care begins at home, but you can always call on South Riding Smiles for help if you need it. Call today for an appointment! Call the South Riding office at (703) 327-7705.

Leave your worries at the door and enjoy a healthier smile


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